Saturday, January 9, 2010


Words, by there very nature, are deceitful.  Mere abstractions of reality they can not contain truth, they can not contain anything.  Actions are never deceitful, always representing reality and containing the truth within themselves.  What is the merging of words and action?  When a person attempts to lie with their actions, what really occurs?  Words are lies by their foundations, and actions likewise truths.  These things exist in contrary worlds, unsure of the existence of the other.  Neils Bohr would say 'complementarity', the reverse incapable of dependency.  Only a foolish creature would assume he could falsify action, only an ignorant man would believe he could express the truth through his language.  Truth is a part of the world, not to be destroyed by human imprint, pigeon-holed into some fabricated world in which the reality of any item is anchored by a shifting tide of opinion and understanding.  Truth can not be held hostage by our imperfections, but exists independently of any attempt to discover or define.  We add to its vaults when we act, language will forever be transitory.

What world, and with it what reality, is represented by language?  What is actually described, and what occurs when words are interpreted by another?  Does the inclusion of a listener alter that reality, or create a new on top of the old?  Truth can never be vanquished by lies, yet can lies and truth meet?  If one were to truly combine words and action, what would occur at the front?

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