Wednesday, March 24, 2010


  • What is a meaningful contribution?
  • Are our lives chaotic, and thus capable of being changed in a significant manner through minor input?  If not then what benefit can we bring to others in the short time we are with them?  If so, does that make our interactions powerful but ultimatly meaningless morally?
  • If information density implies inability to compress, doesn't that lead to the conclusion that only true randomness contains information.  If adding order to a system reduces randomness which reduces information, what are the moral and intellectual ramifications of that?
  • If a person is caught in an addiction, when do they lose moral responsibility for their actions, or can all actions be placed at the feet of the choices they made that led to addiction?
  • What does it mean to make a difference?
  • How does spiritual matter travel across physical space?  Is it continious as we assume with physical matter, or is it disjointed into finite jumps?
  • When we saw two or more things are connected, what do we mean, and what does that actually imply about the items in question?  How close must these things be in the given category (physical space, attributes, etc...)?
  • Is there such a thing as a continuim?
  • Are the phenomena of entanglement and chaos robust enough such as to together impact macro events?
  • How redundant must a statement be in order to be considered tautalogical?
  • When we speak of the sense of touch, what is it that we are feeling?  Electrostatic forces only?

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