Sunday, April 25, 2010


Some moments are built into our lives with exquisite beauty, they're just scripted that way.  The presentation of majestic amidst the most colloquial backdrop may still inspire awe in all classes of imagination.  How often do they come?  It's hard to say, we may not even remember them afterwards; but the moment exists independent of our recognition as a jewel in the midst of a fire.  Though we may see the flames consume it, perfection may only be masked, it can not be destroyed.  The ravaging of age leave untouched the gems of youth, and though the mists roll over the visages of our greatest triumphs yet they remain in darkness: their power untouched by the black of the night waiting always for the return of tender hearts to return the light.  Be not fearful, but always in the arms of beauty and you shall never fade.

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