Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've been revisiting old friends recently.  It's been years since I really dabbled in breakfast cereals, expense and lack of motivation in the morning.  Now with all sorts of time on my hands and the opportunity to eat cereal whenever I please it's been a nice trip down memory lane.

Honeycombs started it all off , several weeks of craving led to the initial purchase that kicked this journey off.    A little more substance than a lot of other sugary treats and a little less sweet (though only in comparison to be sure).  A wonderful beginning.

After that came Apple Jacks; lets face it, the taste is mostly sugar.  The extra little flavor makes for a nice addition.  And a wonderful transition into Honey Smacks: out and out pandering to the pure sugar crowd.  Perhaps a little too sweet, even for me, it was still fun to dine on.

It's ended up on Crispix, really the only one not baked in glucose.  These tasty treats make me feel a little better about eating them due to the supposed health benefits but it's probably more sham than substance.  I find, eating Crispix I have a rather unique style when they're dry.  I don't know when it started or why but I find myself doing it subconsciously, even after it had been years since I ate it.  My tongue places it vertically between my teeth; then a sharp, swift bite breaks apart to the two sides.  Normally cleanly, at which point I devour them separately.  I wonder why I do that.

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