Friday, April 1, 2011

Recent Camping Trip (Spring Break, 2011)

Well I wont describe it in detail but I got back at the beginning of this week from a nice little trip.  Because I sort pictures by location and not trips or time I can't give a link to the collection of them directly.  Instead I will direct you to my photos in general: and say that at this point they are the last photos uploaded there (which show up first, the site organized it by date).  There's some good ones there.

We went, via the Monument, to Capital Reef in Utah.  There we climbed Navajo Knobs.  Afterwards over to Escalante and to Little Death Hollow.  Then down to Coyote Gulch the next day.  Following was some good driving on Hole in the Rock road and Cottonwood road (and a little trip down the associated Narrows).  Then we headed into Phoenix to catch some Rockies spring training which was fantastic.  Finally we headed back up with a stop to walk down into and out of the Grand Canyon.  Finally: home.  Not a bad trip.  No one else was amused as I was but I loved that there were signs all over the place in the GC telling you not to walk down and back in a day.  One read: "Do not attempt unless you are prepared for the following: permanent brain damage, cardiac arrest, death"  I found that hilarious.  I guess my whole family is prepared for death!

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