Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcoming Trip

Here's the plan for my trip.  It could change drastically depending on how I (and in particular my knee feels) which may mean lengthening it if I feel great as well as cutting it short, but this is the trip I have planned for now.  I'll leave Saturday and follow this route:

1) That night I plan to reach Turpin Meadows and camp there.
2-5) The next day I leave on my backpacking trip (details below) which should last five days
6) When I get out (hopefully Thurs) I hope to be able to make it to Gros Ventre campground by the evening, but I may not feel up to it and just stay at Turpin Meadows that night.
7) The next day, Friday (assuming I'm still on target) I mess around in the Gros Ventre Wilderness, around Mt. Leidy and East Mt. Leidy.  If it's a short hike I'll go to Green River Lakes that evening, otherwise I'll stay there.
8) Saturday I'll do some short day hike around Green River Lakes (Wind Rivers) and presumably stay there that night.
9-?) Sunday I either just go straight home or head down to Big Sandy, depending on how I feel.  If I feel good I'll stay there at Big Sandy a couple days (all day hikes)

Whenever I think I'm done, I'll head home.  The most obvious way for me to extend this trip beyond what I have written here if I'm feeling great is to spend more time in the G.V. Wilderness, but for now I don't have anything planned out there beside the Mt. Leidy thing.  The other way it gets longer is if I want to do all these things, but find I can't do the hike I have planned and the transportation in a day and thus start adding in rest/driving days in between stops.  So this could balloon out quite a bit, I really wont know until I'm there.

1) Leave from Turpin Meadows in the morning and go along the S. fork of the Buffalo river to Pendegraft Meadows.  There I'll either stay for the night, or try to go just above the Meadows to the South and camp at one of the lakes or meadows up there.
2) Go up the rest of the S. fork to where it hits Cub Creek.  If I'm feeling strong, continue on the Buffalo plateau towards Marston Pass, but not very far that way.
3) Walk along the Plateau to the pass.  If I get there early I'll camp beneath (on the South side) of Thorofare Mt.  If I get there really early, I'll go down the valley a little way to camp (along the trail)
4) Walk the trail to Hawk's Rest and camp there
5) Walk Out across Two Ocean Meadow and Soda Fork (this day is a reverse of what Dad and I did this Spring)

Until I start to head down to Hawk's Rest there are a lot of way to get back to Turpin Meadows, cutting off distance, so I can exit at any point before that.  I figure by the time I head down (day four) I should know if I can make it or not, and it's all on trail and pretty flat from there on.

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