Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some nights ago I noticed a moment right before I went to bed.  I had turned off my computer and all the lights on the bottom floor.  I began walking to the stairs and at one particular step my foot had left the ground and my body reached apex: no acceleration provided from my landed foot, no change in force.  At 2:00am I was no longer aware of any sound: I'm sure it was there but it was either the wrong frequency or of too low an amplitude to register for me.

So I wonder, what connected one point in time with the next?  Forgetting the question of finite time, how far down do we go before we reach a point of time which exists independent of the surrounding moments?  If there is no stimuli coming in, no sound or light or feeling what is it that links the moments together?  How do we know when time has moved forward and we've arrived in the present?  How can we connect where we are now with where we've come from?  That can range anywhere from adolescent questions of time displacement to something slightly more profound.  How is a moment defined?  Was it good or bad?  Can that be determined without the context of the moments to follow it, or those which proceeded it?

If any of those times are removed from our lives, what is left?  We create a true disconnect between times and at some point our past and future selves ares no longer linked in a four dimensional creation.  Does that remove the moral association as well?  Or is this the type of thing you wonder about after smoking too much pot in your philosophy 101 class?

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