Thursday, January 13, 2011

And Home Again

When I got up the next morning (I wont say woke up, as the only time I slept was 10 to midnight) I went down to the end of the Island and walked a mile out to the farthest South overlook on the Island.  I brought the tripod and tried to take some 360 pictures of the sunrise.  I haven't found a program to merge them yet so I don't know how well it worked,  but there some good shots either way.  I then did some more overlooks on the way out, none of them being more than 2 miles.

Below is looking through Mesa arch out onto the East side of the park.

After the overlooks it was time to go to Arches.  I hadn't been there in ages and I have to admit after my much expanded memories and a week in Canyonlands, I was kind of disappointed.  Still, it was nice and I took several pictures, including the classic Delicate arch.

Then it was shortly after 12:00 and I realized I'd done everything I wanted to do in Arches.  Which meant it was time to go home.  Fine with me, I didn't feel like spending another night out anyways.  The drive home was pretty fast.  A little scary in a few parts but amusingly the most dangerous part was about 3/4 of a mile from home where I couldn't make it up a snow covered hill.  However, two alternate routes later and I was home from my trip: a success!

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