Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since my long hike was to take place the day before, this was to be my off day: only a short hike for me.  Though my hike the previous day had not proved to be as long as I hoped, I stuck with this plan (after all, I'm on vacation!)  I had gone to the ranger station the day before after returning from my adventure to ask about conditions.  I was told to avoid one trail in particular as it was literally deadly (Peekabo Springs/Canyon trail) and other than that they reccomended I stay off all the trails I had done that day.  Which amused me (though they were probably right, there were a few close calls).  So today I headed to the North end of the district to see the confluence of the Colorado and the Green River.  There was a sharp drop and then climb at the beginning of the hike but most of it afterwards was relatively flat.

The hike was 14 miles, 7 each way and without massive elevation gains it was pretty straight forward.  There were a few slick-rock spots that slowed me down, but nothing really dangerous.  My biggest complaint was that the previous day my boots had finally died on me: splitting along the seams and becoming quite porous.  My feet were soaked for the rest of the trip much to my chagrin.  Still, it was a pleasent walk with views along much of the trail.

After one day of picture taking my camera claimed low batteries.  I figured it was just because of the cold but that wouldn't help me should it run out.  I became much more sparing in my use of it, though it never did run out of juice on me.

The confluence itself was not the awe inspiring.  In fact with the ice in it, it just looked dirty.  It's a good thing the views around it were so nice.

I returned from the hike and spent the remainder of the day reading and trying to dry out my boots.  I was more successful at one than the other.  Then another night into the cold.

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